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She / Her / Ella

Lulu Guzman is a theater artist based in Brookly. When Lulu isn’t too busy yearning, she’s longing, and when she’s not too busy longing, she's working as a director and sometimes playwright. She delights in telling stories old and new, adapted and devised. On Mondays she co-facilitates "By The Fire Writers Collective" a weekly generative writers group for playwrights and screenwriters to write playfully and write together. In her spare time she enjoys walks around the neighborhood, good snacks, good television, and most of all good time with friends, fans, and family.



By The Fire Presents: Friends & Strangers, Herbert Von King Cultural Arts Center (2023)

 "Call Me Buck" writer/director & "Allen" director 

The Makers’ Ensemble, Intimate Artists Nights (2023)

“Call Me Buck”, written 

NYUMFA Musical Theatre Thesis Workshops (2023)

“PRIDE: A Southern Haunting”, by Casey Llewellyn & James Powers



The Brick: New Works – Night 28 (2023)

“Nuclear Family” Written and directed by Caroline Burkhard 

American Players Theater (2023)

“The Liar”, by David Ives / Directed by Kira Fromm

American Opera Project (2022)

"Letters That You Will Not Get", by Kate Holland & Susan Werbe / Directed by Kate Bergstrom

Lincoln Center- LCT3 (2022)

"At The Wedding" by Bryna Turner / Directed by Jenna Worsham


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